A Conversation with the Moon
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This is a Limited Edition Embellished Print

“A Conversation with the Moon” gives the idea of youth; however, looked at closely, reflects age, a knowing, and acceptance. Now, mindfully awaken to her own sensuality, her essence of a woman, a conversation with the moon, denotes a complexity of youthful innocence, awakened passion, and timeless sensuality. The combine light of the two moons intermingles, illuminating imperfect seasoned breasts. The curvilinear lines showcase their beauty, the timeless symbol of coming of age, motherhood, and femininity. The nudity and posture look neither natural or comfortable, and the effect is deliberately confident, sexualized, and yet, vulnerable. Two eyes reflect the brilliant myriad of the surrounding color, a mirror to the surrounding world and shield to the world within. Eyes emote a tone of latent vulnerability, yet, upon closer inspection a knowing openness, and intimacy leaving the viewer to wonder who her gaze is upon. Two hawks’ powerful totems, fierce hunters, obvious guardians, too, give voice to her spiritual activation. Showcased with the moons and her nudity, her spiritually is representative of the circle of life and how everything has a unique place in it with hers a role that she has been called to give voice to. This presented with the sea of red and gold flowers, turbulent movement, and her posture, allude to a door, a portal, and gives the idea of a sacred transformation to a new world of happiness.


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