Watercolor, Doodles, and Scanning

Watercolor, Doodles, and Scanning


I love to doodle! It is a great art journal tool for me, a practice of mindfulness, and just simply fun. When I chose to mix a little doodle with some watercolor it takes my doodles to a completely different place! The addition of color can elevate the initial simple drawing or combinations of lines to a place I have come to value.

Sometimes, though, choosing to add color, whether from watercolor or any other art supply can be a bit scary. Therefore, I have the practice of scanning drawings or taking pictures of them and then tracing them to another page, paper, or substrate.

I have found this to be a wonderful process. I it allows me to save my drawings, to reuse them with multiple projects, and of course to share them with you. Please feel free to download the simple cosmos doodle to transfer for use in my recent Easy Step-by-step Watercolor Simple Cosmos Doodle Tutorial: https://youtu.be/QFwPoJeA2vw.

Don’t know how to transfer an image? See a quick video on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/kat_furrow/channel/

Currently, my live Facebook live details list a set of brushes selected with performance and price in mind but are not a part of my list of favorite watercolor brushes. 😊

Currently, I offer free Facebook live events. See the event page for details of the Cosmos Doodle and past Facebook live events.

Until then, remember, “art everyday…it’s a mindset.”

Love & Hugs,


List of brushes with links. I do receive monetary compensation from Amazon.

Favorite Watercolor brushes

Kolinsky Travel Watercolor Brushes, Fuumuui Elegant Kolinsky Sable Watercolor Brushes with Pocket Size Leather Pouch Perfect for Watercolor Gouache Ink Painting

Princeton Artist Brush, Neptune Series 4750, Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Paint Brush, Dagger Striper, Size 3/8 Inch

Princeton Artist Brush, Neptune Series 4750, 4-Piece Synthetic Squirrel Watercolor Paint Brush Set, Includes Aquarelle, Oval Wash & Round Brushes

Silver Brush Limited 3000S2 Black Velvet Round Brush for Watercolor, Size 2, Short Handle

Silver Brush Limited 3000S8 Black Velvet Round Brush for Watercolor, Size 10, Short Handle

Princeton Select Artiste, Series 3750, Paint Brush for Acrylic, Watercolor and Oil, Dagger Striper, 1/4 Inch

Dainayw Watercolor Paint Brushes, 4 Size Professional Round Squirrel Hair & Horse Hair Synthetic Blend Paint Brush Set for Art Painting, Gouache, Wash/Mop, Artist Quality Supplies

Dainayw Watercolor Paint Brushes Set Squirrel Hair Professional Artist Painting Mop for Gouache Watercolors Inks, 5 Pcs Black Golden Handle

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