Watercolor & Mindfulness

Watercolor & Mindfulness


Title: Watercolor & Mindfulness 

Last year I took on watercolor as a medium to explore and I fell in love with the process! There, I found the flow of water, the delicacy of colors, and the practice of patience far more rewarding than anticipated! Initially I sought out watercolor as a medium to explore to improve my art skills, diversify, and to “master”. Rhetorical question, does anyone “master” watercolor and the flow of water? 

Of greater value, I discovered the process of watercolor, grounds me. Of course, I have gained valuable experience with the medium; however, more importantly, the practice of watercolor has resulted in a practice of meditation of sorts.  

I am known for being in a constant state of motion, both of body and mind. I struggle with simply being still. Personally, I am aware of my inner struggle with thoughts. It is in my quiet space where thoughts I avoid enter. Knowing this, I was surprised to discover the watercolor process an effective means to slow me down, disconnect, breathe, and simply recover, without the onslaught of those nasty thoughts that so often creep in. Subsequently, I’ve now shifted my intention with watercolor from an artist tool to explore, to simply a tool of mindfulness that affords me an avenue to relax, slow down, disconnect, and recharge.  

Currently, I offer free Facebook live events. See the event page for details and plan to join me in this creative yet mindful experience. 

Until then, remember, “art everyday…it’s a mindset.” 

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