“Art Every Day” – It’s a Mindset


I wish you the ability to practice “Art Every Day,” the mindset. It is applicable to any positive experience you practice – workouts, surfing, cycling, cooking, gardening, hunting, fishing, hiking, singing, playing music, yoga, skydiving and so many more. Those moments that you give to yourself, and that magic derived for yourself. That magic, that feeling, that release, joy, pleasure is your “Art Every Day,” the mindset, available to you to call on throughout your daily experiences to ground, to pause, to step back, to collect and to practice. Art Every Day: it’s a mindset, an alternative form of meditation, self-discovery, and mechanism for healing, one that helped save my life, and now a mindset that brings me to center, my sacred space, my soul. 

I’ve long made the statement that “my art” saved my life, although unknowingly at its beginning. I had “arted around” and dabbled with the idea that I had talent, but it took me landing in a place so dark that all I could do productively in order to hang on was “art.” It was from that place I realized the process of art was what was of most value to me as my tool to communicate things beyond my ability to put into words. I was in darkness, deep in chaos and turmoil. There I pursued this process, the act of playing with my crayons, as I called it, each day, and I was rewarded with momentary peace, quiet, sanctuary and a release from the noise while discovering “Art Every Day” as a mindset, an alternative form of meditation, self-discovery, and mechanism for healing.

I soon discovered life continued to happen, often preventing me from playing with my crayons. It was then I found that in those times, no matter what, I could choose to mentally revisit those moments of personal sanctuary, a meditation of sorts, if I chose to open my eyes to the actual beauty around me. Sometimes, that beauty was a mere weed in bloom in the crack of the sidewalk; other times, it was the sound of a child’s laughter in the distance, and others the color of the clouds overhead. It was anything and it was everything – the leaves of a tree, a mere bee or a butterfly. It was then I discovered my mantra, “Art Every Day,” a mindset to keep me safe, now a mindset that brings me to center, my sacred space, my soul.

“Art Every Day” has become a positive habit for me, one of self-discovery and expression through my art that I affectionately refer to as my “happy place,” complete with rainbows, fairies, and pixie dust! No matter the day or the moments, pleasant or unpleasant, I see beauty and often experience instants that take my breath away. “Like miracles, you must believe these moments exist for them to occur.” There are those times I find myself frustrated, disgruntled, agitated, sad, or angry; I pause in the moment and redirect myself back to my mechanism for healing, “Art Every Day.” Today, I live in the light, filled with a joy and serenity that has brought me to peace. I am grateful to many who have helped me to get here, but I am most grateful to myself for having discovered I am worth my time, a time filled with “Art Every Day.” 

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